1. Find and count car(s) which has/have logo(s) such bellow.
  2. Make a survey and do simple statistic about commercial vehicles (i.e the most people have)
  3. Describe technical aspect (i.e speed, cylinder cc, ¬†etc), social aspect (i.e van, sedan,etc), economical aspect (i.e price), etc. (lebih…)

Materi pelajaran sbb:

  1. Build and Play with Volcano Explorer
  2. Natural Disaster: Volcano
  3. Qiuz Your Noodle: Volcanoes (lebih…)

Some Disney Channels
1. sitemap Include movies, games & Activities, TV, Disney Videos, Music, Shop, Characters, Disney Education, Travel, Disney For You, Disney Interactive Studios, Mobile, etc.

2. Playhouse Disney Preschool

3. Disney Education:
Disney Nature
Social Studies
Language & Arts
Math & Science
Health and Safety
Interactive Teaching Tools

4. Characters:
All Characters
Live Action Characters
Animated Characters
Classic Disney Characters
Music Stars Characters
Find Characters
101 Dalmatians
A Bug’s Life
Alice in Wonderland
Beauty and the Beast