1. Find and count car(s) which has/have logo(s) such bellow.
  2. Make a survey and do simple statistic about commercial vehicles (i.e the most people have)
  3. Describe technical aspect (i.e speed, cylinder cc,  etc), social aspect (i.e van, sedan,etc), economical aspect (i.e price), etc. (lebih…)

Some Disney Channels
1. sitemap Include movies, games & Activities, TV, Disney Videos, Music, Shop, Characters, Disney Education, Travel, Disney For You, Disney Interactive Studios, Mobile, etc.

2. Playhouse Disney Preschool

3. Disney Education:
Disney Nature
Social Studies
Language & Arts
Math & Science
Health and Safety
Interactive Teaching Tools

4. Characters:
All Characters
Live Action Characters
Animated Characters
Classic Disney Characters
Music Stars Characters
Find Characters
101 Dalmatians
A Bug’s Life
Alice in Wonderland
Beauty and the Beast

A. David Osaka or Dibikun
He is the owner of The English song channel.
The English Songs DVD (and now CD) is a compilation of original songs and teaching materials designed with fun in mind. Featuring 19 video lessons set to catchy music and lyrics with colorful illustrations, children learn the basics of English. Topics covered include: alphabet phonics, numbers, prepositions of location, animal names, shapes, colors, personal pronouns, country names, and more. The English Songs DVD is based on actual in-class children’s lessons.

Sample videos:

others are below:
ABC Phonics Song

Lots of Shapes – Children’s video

Counting Numbers 1 – 10

Colors (Children’s video)

Days of the Week

The Alphabet Song in Phonics

The New FAST Alphabet – ABC Phon…

Alphabet Phonics (Childrens’ Video)

Months of the Year

*NEW* ABC Phonics – Semi Slow Ve…

Do you like fruit?

Colors Song

What colors do you like?

Children’s ESL Video to Teach Pr…

Numbers 10 – 20

The Alphabet ABCs

Flower Time

In, On, Under, Over, In Front, B…

Personal Pronouns

Lots of Shapes

B. Kids Factory
The Innovative Language Learning Label from Taklit.
Taklit is dedicated to producing high quality music – and its young people’s label, “Kids Factory” maintains that standard.
Our product is designed for children age 3 to 6+ taking their first steps in English, ESL instructors, early-childhood professionals and parents.

Sample videos:

Who Stole the Alphabet (version 2)

This is A Cat !

This is My Canoe! Patricia Johns…

Little Balloon & Banana Tree

I See the Sun By Patricia Johnst…

Grumpy Song & Little Bird excerpts

Who Stole the Alphabet?

These are some useful video channels in youtube

A. From HookedOnPhonicsTV:
Welcome to the Hooked on Phonics® YouTube channel. Enjoy some of the great content available in our products, including the new Learn to Read, a proven and fun program that helps children become confident readers.
Country: United States

Sample videos:
Phonics Words First Grade Lesson 1- Hooked on Phonics
The Big Pig Song Kindergarten – Hooked on Phonics
The Story of 10 Little Pigs Pre-K – Hooked on Phonics
Phonics Sounds Second Grade Unit 1 – Hooked on Phonics
Phonics Words Second Grade Lesson 2 – Hooked on Phonics
The ABC Song Pre-K – Hooked on Phonics
“Letters Letters Letters” Pre-K – Hooked on Phonics
Little Red Writing Hood Pre K – Hooked on Phonics
“Letters Letters Letters” Pre-K – Hooked on Phonics

B. From vidgir123:
Learn alphabets-Flowers AZ
Learn alphabets – Fruits AZ
Learn alphabets – Animals A-Z

C. From activityv
Activity Village’s video channel brings you early learning videos, kids craft videos and origami videos for kids! Or
visit for over 4000 pages of free printables, coloring, crafts, educational resources and other activities to help you keep your kids busy!
Country: United Kingdom

Sample videos:
Whos behind the mask
Who’s Hiding?
Easter Counting

D. Some Nursery rhyme channels

E. From singmedotcom
Singme! is the world’s first MP3 backing tracks and

    video karaoke

download store. We have a large selection of children’s music and nursery rhymes karaoke for toddlers and preschoolers.

F. wearebusybeavers
Learn English and Have Fun!!
These Online English Lessons dedicated for ESL students and young learners will have you singing and speaking in English in no time!
“We are Busy Beavers” is a method of learning English through Songs and Videos.
Label Type: Independent
City: Vancouver
Country: Canada

Sample Videos:
Very Easy Songs 10 Videos
These songs teach basic must-know phrases for any beginner. They are easy to learn, catchy and fun!

Easy Songs 13 Videos
These songs build on the vocabulary introduced in the earlier, easier song. They are great for beginners of any age!

English Lessons 37 Videos
These are the video lessons for Book 1 and Book 2 of the We are Busy Beavers series. Learn your ABCs, rooms in the home, colors, verbs, the weather and so much more!

Useful sites for kids learning telling the time.
1. Learning time with analog-digital clock
2. Snapdragon Tell the Time – Set the clock to
3. Willy the Watchdog
4. Tillabilla
5. Teachrkids – Time
6. Matching Time to the minute
7. Analog Clock Time Difference
8. Smiley Clock
9. Time Quiz to the minute

have more??

Some math sources with examples.

A. Math is fun–> Math Menu:Numbers,Algebra,Geometry,Data Measure, Puzzles & Quizzes, Illustrated Math Dictionary, etc.
1. Kindergarten Math Worksheets: Picture Counting and Addition, more or less, etc.
2. abacus in Illustrated Math Dictionary
3. Geometry. Geometry is all about shapes and their properties.
4. Learning time with analog-digital clock

1. Colors and Shapes with related activities: Shape Name Memory Challenge and Three-Dimensional Shape Quiz (flash player required). Related activities: – NumberNut Lesson: Shapes and Colors
– Activity: Colors Card Quiz
– Activity: Color Memory Challenge
– Activity: Web Colors Memory Challenge
– Activity: Maritime Flag Memory Challenge
– Activity: 2-D Shape Memory Challenge
– Activity: 2-D Shape Name Memory Challenge
– Activity: 2-D Shape Card Quiz
– Activity: 3-D Shape Memory Challenge
– Activity: 3-D Shape Card Quiz
– Activity: Comparing Traits Activity
2. Numbers and related activities
— Number Symbols
— Writing 0-9
— Counting 1-10
— Counting 1-50
— Counting 1-100
— Counting 1-1,000
— Bigger Numbers
3. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.

C.! is developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.MENU: game room and play exciting games like Matho and Hidden Picture…Test your math skills with our Flashcards! Try out the Math Word Find puzzle.
1. Analog Clock Flashcards (Java Flashcards)
2. Word Find game
3. Homework Helper to check your homework solutions, etc.

D. Math tools All Content in Pre-Kindergarten (Flash, JS, Applet):
1. Flash Math(Pre-Kindergarten)
In a game context students select a sequence of numbers using the “rule” stated for that game. There are three levels that a user can choose including easy, medium, or hard.
2. Let’s Count Addition (Pre-Kindergarten) (JavaScript)
This site features counting activities with the numbers from one to ten. The activities give preK to grade 1 students practice in counting, using both symbols and names of the numbers.
3 Count Us In: Game 15 Measurement (Pre-Kindergarten)
The player has to judge the volume of different vessels.
4. Attribute Blocks Sort and classify (Pre-Kindergarten) (Java Applet)
5. etc.

E. Learning for fun for Grade Level: Pre-Kindergarten, 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, 7th+
By Subject: 123s, ABCs, Geography, Math, Phonics, …
By Category: Seasonal, Worksheets, Homework, …
1. Count the train
2. Place Numbers on the Clock
3. Count Your Chickens, etc.

Have more? contact me!
Mscl links:
1. Telling The Time

Snapdragon Tell the Time Set the clock to
Willy the Watchdog
Teachrkids – Time
Matching Time to the minute
Analog Clock Time Difference
Smiley Clock
Time Quiz to the minute

2. Math dictionary 2009 by Jenny Eather (FLASH PLAYER 6 or later required)
3. Favorite Math Sites – Pre-School Collection