1. Find and count car(s) which has/have logo(s) such bellow.
  2. Make a survey and do simple statistic about commercial vehicles (i.e the most people have)
  3. Describe technical aspect (i.e speed, cylinder cc,  etc), social aspect (i.e van, sedan,etc), economical aspect (i.e price), etc.
  4. Classify the cars with category such sport car, city car, luxury car, truck, etc.
  5. etc…
  6. encourage student to find another company logos in daily-used products such computers, phones, foods, etc.
  1. How many car’s logo you can count when you go to school every morning ?
  2. What is you favorite car?
  3. What car is the most people have?
  4. What is the fastest car  you ever seen?
  5. etc…