Juni 2011

Judul asli: Putra Indonesia Juarai Lomba Pemrograman Game se-Amerika 16 Apr 2011 Nasional Republika JAKARTA –

Kepala Staf Kementerian Teknologi Amerika Serikat (AS), Anees Chopra, mengumumkan para pemenang lomba nasional game programming se-Amerika Serikat, akhir Maret lalu. Pengumuman itu sepertinya biasa saja, namun dari daftar para pemenang untuk tingkat kelompok 7-8 tahun, ada nama pelajar asal Indonesia, yaitu Muhammad Al-Fatih Ridha. (lebih…)

Make a beautiful flower pop-up card using construction paper. This is a great Mother’s Day, Spring, Get Well Soon, or Birthday Card.


Kenapa pengembang Indonesia belum mencapai raihan milestone tersebut? Bisa ada sejuta alasan jika kita telusuri satu-persatu, tapi mari kita coba untuk telaah sedikit cerita sukses Cell Co dari Jepang dan Breakdesigndari Singapura. Cell Co dari Jepang secara total sudah meraih 7.2 juta unduhan, sementara Breakdesign sudah meraih 2.1 juta unduhan. (lebih…)

Level 2 Unit 1
Lesson 1: Phrasal Verbs
Take Up a Hobby!
Ben shows Moby his big postcard collection. As the two friends go over Ben’s collection, they count the postcards and talk about the different countries. Ben explains how he looks up information about these countries and learns geography through his hobby. Moby and our ESL students learn why hobbies are worthwhile, as well as a few phrasal verbs, counting up to a hundred and some more nationalities.
Level 1 |
Level 1 Unit 1
Lesson 1: Pronouns and Be
Hi, I’m Ben!
In the first movie, the students will meet BrainPOP ESL’s main characters, and also be introduced to the fundamental sounds and structures of the English language.
Personal Pronouns
Be: Present Tense, Affirmative
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Lesson 2: Be (Negative)
It Isn’t a Flower!
When Moby feels confused, his friends try to help him. The second movie uses an anecdote to introduce the negative form of the verb be.
Be: Present Tense, Negative
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  1. Find and count car(s) which has/have logo(s) such bellow.
  2. Make a survey and do simple statistic about commercial vehicles (i.e the most people have)
  3. Describe technical aspect (i.e speed, cylinder cc,  etc), social aspect (i.e van, sedan,etc), economical aspect (i.e price), etc. (lebih…)

Materi pelajaran sbb:

  1. Build and Play with Volcano Explorer
  2. Natural Disaster: Volcano
  3. Qiuz Your Noodle: Volcanoes (lebih…)

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