Some math sources with examples.

A. Math is fun–> Math Menu:Numbers,Algebra,Geometry,Data Measure, Puzzles & Quizzes, Illustrated Math Dictionary, etc.
1. Kindergarten Math Worksheets: Picture Counting and Addition, more or less, etc.
2. abacus in Illustrated Math Dictionary
3. Geometry. Geometry is all about shapes and their properties.
4. Learning time with analog-digital clock

1. Colors and Shapes with related activities: Shape Name Memory Challenge and Three-Dimensional Shape Quiz (flash player required). Related activities: – NumberNut Lesson: Shapes and Colors
– Activity: Colors Card Quiz
– Activity: Color Memory Challenge
– Activity: Web Colors Memory Challenge
– Activity: Maritime Flag Memory Challenge
– Activity: 2-D Shape Memory Challenge
– Activity: 2-D Shape Name Memory Challenge
– Activity: 2-D Shape Card Quiz
– Activity: 3-D Shape Memory Challenge
– Activity: 3-D Shape Card Quiz
– Activity: Comparing Traits Activity
2. Numbers and related activities
— Number Symbols
— Writing 0-9
— Counting 1-10
— Counting 1-50
— Counting 1-100
— Counting 1-1,000
— Bigger Numbers
3. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.

C.! is developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.MENU: game room and play exciting games like Matho and Hidden Picture…Test your math skills with our Flashcards! Try out the Math Word Find puzzle.
1. Analog Clock Flashcards (Java Flashcards)
2. Word Find game
3. Homework Helper to check your homework solutions, etc.

D. Math tools All Content in Pre-Kindergarten (Flash, JS, Applet):
1. Flash Math(Pre-Kindergarten)
In a game context students select a sequence of numbers using the “rule” stated for that game. There are three levels that a user can choose including easy, medium, or hard.
2. Let’s Count Addition (Pre-Kindergarten) (JavaScript)
This site features counting activities with the numbers from one to ten. The activities give preK to grade 1 students practice in counting, using both symbols and names of the numbers.
3 Count Us In: Game 15 Measurement (Pre-Kindergarten)
The player has to judge the volume of different vessels.
4. Attribute Blocks Sort and classify (Pre-Kindergarten) (Java Applet)
5. etc.

E. Learning for fun for Grade Level: Pre-Kindergarten, 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, 7th+
By Subject: 123s, ABCs, Geography, Math, Phonics, …
By Category: Seasonal, Worksheets, Homework, …
1. Count the train
2. Place Numbers on the Clock
3. Count Your Chickens, etc.

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Mscl links:
1. Telling The Time

Snapdragon Tell the Time Set the clock to
Willy the Watchdog
Teachrkids – Time
Matching Time to the minute
Analog Clock Time Difference
Smiley Clock
Time Quiz to the minute

2. Math dictionary 2009 by Jenny Eather (FLASH PLAYER 6 or later required)
3. Favorite Math Sites – Pre-School Collection