Here are some good flash sources with examples for kids. Explore more detail which is suitable for your kids.

A. Stroy Place, the ultimate Children’s Digital Library
1. Count the Wheel
2. When Will Daddy Come Home?
3. Preschool library themes-shape. Other themes are Music, baby, fish, monkey, etc.
4. and many activities for children young and old.

B. Starfall Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade. Starfall is perfect for home schooling. Starfall is an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children.
1. ABC
2. Learn to read
3. it’s fun to read
4. etc.

C. PBS Kids org
1. PBS KIDS Raising Readers, where kids can play free reading games –Reading Activity Calendar
2. the problem with chicken –>listening & reading skill (with video)
3. when two vowels go walking listening & reading skill (with video)
4. etc

D. British Council: stories for little kids
1. Story–>monster shoppingtrip Hairy Henry is a big green monster. It’s his birthday. His friends Loony Lou and Gorgonzola want to get him some birthday presents. What will they buy for Hairy Henry’s birthday? Have you finished the story?
Print some activities to do (115KB)
Print the words to the story (141KB)
2. Story–>eric the engine and the railway rock. There’s a rock on the railway line and the London train is coming! Can Eric and his friends move the rock in time? Find out with this story.
3. listen up –>what’s the weather like?
4. song–> Time for another year
5. etc.

E. CBeeBies
1. Story time
2. song time
3. telly time
4. etc.

F. Count Us In Games
There are 15 games. Each game is designed to help children understand basic concepts in mathematics.

G. Learning for fun for Grade Level: Pre-Kindergarten, 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, 7th+
By Subject: 123s, ABCs, Geography, Math, Phonics, …
By Category: Seasonal, Worksheets, Homework, …
1. Count the train
2. Mr. Elephant’s Matching Game
3.Letters, shape, colors, etc

Need more? find from educationalwebs here